Sunday, July 27, 2008

Self portraits

Experiencing technology and playing with imagery.
Srishti, 2004

The delight of woes

A realisation of the reality of things. Stepping out of your daydream to get caught in a whirl wind of everything that you thought was far removed. The lone soul- you'll always have to carry your own weight.

Initial Artwork

Final version- modified for screen print

Srishti, 2004


Visualising the word visual. What it means to me. In a way similar to a Deja vous, I get a feeling sometimes which could possibly be described as an outer body experience. A feeling of coming out my own body and looking at my self doing something - something quite mundane, from an angle rather cinematic. And then feeling like bursting out with laughter at the ridiculousness of I. Like the echo on a bad telephone line that mimics your every word and repeats them after you..and you want to clobber it, but its only you. For me every once in a while its a visual.

But then one idea leads to another and more pressing matters of the every day world present themselves and I find myself thinking of visual overload and the diminishing of attention spans to mere nano seconds.

Srishti, 2004


Lima, 2003
Inspired by Museo Larco Herrera
Pottery Museum.

Garden wall

Srishti, 2002